We know what it’s like to come home to a wet and flooded basement. Or what about when a pipe bursts in the wall in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter, and no one is home.



Few things in life are more devastating than a fire in one’s home or place of employment. Whether it’s due to careless smokers who accidentally threw hot ashes into the garbage.



In the Twin Cities, when home or business owners have a mold problem they call Arko Restoration. In business for decades, Arko is a trusted resource for those affected by mold.



When police, firefighters, and EMTs finish with a crime scene, they leave. We offer trauma scene cleanup so the family doesn’t have to endure additional pain and anguish.


Arko strives for timely, excellent service. We have numerous happy home and business owners, and we’d like to earn your business. If you need to have your place restored to its original (or even better) condition after a flood, fire, mold or traumatic event, give Arko Restoration a call. We’re here to help you go from having a mess on your hands to having peace-of-mind that everything’s “back to normal” again. We’re here to guide you through the entire process. Let us take care of your water damage and handle restoration.

Want a free estimate? Contact us by calling 763-434-2756 and we’ll be happy to help!

Emergency Services

We Provide Round-the-Clock Emergency Service, 7 Days a Week

We’re here to help you go from having a mess on your hands to having peace-of-mind that everything’s “back to normal” again.

How Arko Achieves Top Status As A Restoration Contractor!

The House of Spontaneous Combustion

The Struggle

For Kristin and Mark Epland, life in Plymouth was good, and they were looking forward to refinishing the deck on their beautiful home. After doing a 4×4 test swatch on the deck, they carefully laid the stained hand towels out on a shelf in the garage with the intention of using them later when the real work began. As they left home to join friends for a pool party, the sun was cheery and bright and so were their thoughts of their own future parties on a newly stained deck.

They’ll never forget the incredible feeling of disbelief when they got the news, drove home and saw the fire truck out front and firefighters working to save their house.

The Surprisingly Unexpected Anxiety of Water Damage

The Struggle

Angela considered her Fridley home her safe haven, especially while she was caring for and protecting her loved ones. In March of 2019, many metro homeowners were experiencing flooding and water damage because of the rapidly melting snow.

For Angela, the 13th of March is remembered as the beginning of even greater disappointments. The sump pump couldn’t keep up. She and her family tried to stay on top of it—even with the help of another pump and several wet vacs—but couldn’t make progress. There was serious water damage in the entire, finished basement. Her brother was ill and living in the downstairs bedroom.


I highly recommend this professional company. They are detailed, they talk things through with you so there is understanding on what needs to be done, they provide options to help you work out the best plan of action. There prices are worth every penny because of the details they provide to protect and control the molded areas.

Lori P.

The water mitigation team were wonderful when our basement became submerged. They worked diligently, kept us in the loop on what was going on at all points in time, Rick, Joe and Mike were wonderful. I honestly do not know what I would have done without all their help in this. It was a nightmare, but they made the process of cleaning it up bearable. Thank you Dan for sending us this crew to help!

Elizabeth P.

Arko is a great company. They’ve helped me without payment. I had issues in my house with mold, I needed advice they gave it with no request for compensation. They were so helpful that I felt like I needed give them something in return. So here I am giving them a review.

Molly C.

Arko was amazing to work with. They were extremely understanding and willing to work with me when the situation became complicated. The work itself was also really great. Would definitely recommend.

Krystal G.

I’ve been doing business with Arko for years and their team is second to none, very professional, delivers every time and I’ll do business with them again.

Aaron M.
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