Get Rid of Trauma


The definition of a traumatic event is one that causes physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological harm. Arko Restoration is a company that deals with cleaning up after traumatic events which can include crime scenes, medical traumas, suicides and deaths in general. If and when you need discreet and professional workers to decontaminate and/or sanitize certain places, Arko Restoration is the company to call.

Bio-hazard clean up is something Arko Restoration does, properly removing (and documenting) all harmful biological waste commonly found in blood, fecal matter and unattended deaths. Arko Restoration has up-to-date technological equipment to safely deal with pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis B.


Available 24/7, Arko Restoration’s team handles the mentally exhausting job of cleaning up after traumatic events so you don’t have to do it. With care and compassion, we’ll deal with the issues in order to help make your life easier during a very difficult time.

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