Get Pro Mold Remediation


In the Twin Cities, when home or business owners have a mold problem they call Arko Restoration. In business for decades, Arko is a trusted resource for those affected by mold.

Obviously, home or business owners with mold issues need to get these problems fixed before the mold becomes toxic in such a way that it’s a health issue. For those who live in moldy homes or work in moldy offices, expect runny noses, headaches, and other health problems. You shouldn’t be breathing in an area contaminated by mold!

When does mold grow? Typically it grows after water damage to building materials. Add in humidity, especially in a confined airspace, and mold can get out of control! If you’ve ever had a flooded basement after a harsh Minnesota storm came through with excessive amounts of rain in a short period of time, or you’ve had pipes burst in places you couldn’t easily see/get to, then you’ve probably had a “mold issue.” Oftentimes, people don’t even realize they’ve got a mold problem, because it can easily hide itself in cabinets under sinks or behind walls.


Arko Restoration finds and identifies mold. Then, with the right knowledge, tools and know-how, that mold is removed from the premises and the areas are scrubbed so that rooms are dry and clean again– and the air is fine to breathe again, too.

Before mold takes hold, get rid of it! That means you should call Arko Restoration, even at an odd time of night, to have us come take a look, assess the problem, and get to work quickly. Do you want a free estimate? You’re welcome to ask for an emergency response if time is of the essence (we’re available to help 24-7) or to call and make a regular appointment for one of our experts to come and assess your home or business. Arko Restoration is a leading mold remediation contractor in Central Minnesota; we’re here to help you stay healthy and get rid of mold.

Want a free estimate? Contact us by calling 763-434-2756 and we’ll be happy to help!

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