In Minnesota, water damage can happen suddenly and you’re not even prepared for it. Water can cause damage to your belongings, and the aftermath of flooding can result in mold problems. You must be ready to tackle this problem in case it happens in your home. The best step you can take during such a mishap is to contact a professional water damage restoration service provider like Arko Restoration.

Professional water damage restoration companies are always available to help you fix your home when you face flooding situations. You may want to handle the disaster on your own but it will not be done as quickly as it would by getting professional assistance. Also, the help you get from a professional will be more effective since they have tools and expert knowledge to do the job.

A professional water damage clean up team can help you in the following ways:

1- Professional Sewage Backup Cleaning

When the damage in your home is caused by reservoir water, it can be a bad experience for you, especially if it involves your sewage. Your property can get messed up if sewage mixes with water and passes into your home.

Professionals can help you contain the problem as soon as it happens so that your property can be salvaged without any large-scale damage. Effective sewage cleanup can immediately get rid of sewage water, and materials that are damaged in the process can be restored. Any area that has been affected by sewage will be disinfected to ensure good health.

2- Professional Water Extraction

Professional Water Extraction

Using the service of a professional water damage restoration company in Minnesota is the best option because professionals have pieces of equipment to assist you during the restoration of your home or office. They have the expertise and skills to completely get rid of water and excess moisture from your home or property.

The water damage team will investigate the source of damage. If it is a rupture or leak, they will quickly identify it and check for more sources of damage. Once the source of damage has been identified and fixed, then water will be removed from your home or property.

3- Professional Flood Cleanup Using Anti-microbial Application

After the experts in the field of water damage restoration have extracted water from your flooded home, without causing any progressive damage like mold issues, they make sure all recovered items are taken outside the house for thorough drying later using dehumidifiers and air movers.

They fix all the surfaces of your home, such as walls, floors and carpets using antimicrobial applications. The solutions are disinfectants that stop mold from infesting the home after cleanup. Since some water damage can be caused by wet weather, precipitation can still occur, but using antimicrobial applications can help prevent further moisture problems.

4- Drying Involving Air Movements And Dehumidification

Professionals will dry salvaged items that are still useful using air conditioners and fans. Non-electric drying equipment will be used on wet floors to avoid electrocution. The experts often carry an advanced and effective drying appliance that can remove water from rugs and carpets. They respond as quickly as you contact them and arrive on the scene fully ready for proper cleanup both in residential and commercial clean-up settings. In commercial areas, water is extracted from cushions, office furnishings and all other structural elements. Afterward, all the dried surfaces get disinfected so that spore-forming microorganisms cannot rest on them and form mold.

5- Contracting And Drywall Repair

After a thorough cleanup has been done, a professional can repair your wall or suggest that you hire a building contractor if the damage was severe to the point that your walls are badly damaged. Fixing your wall can stop it from cracking or falling in the future.

Also, the thing about water absorbed by walls is that mold can infest them as soon as possible. However, dampened walls can be disinfected or dried with hot air. It is still a good idea to investigate walls from time to time to be sure there are no signs of mildew.

General Ways Professionals Can Help You With Water Damage Cleanup In Your Home

Professional Water Damage Cleanup

  • They turn off your power from the source if your home has been flooded… before stepping into water.
  • They remove excess water using effective professional water-extracting tools and blot things dry.
  • They get rid of your floor coverings such as rugs and carpets.
  • Drapes and coat hangers are put away until extraction is over. These items are washed and dried or disinfected before they are re-hanged.
  • They get rid of excess water droplets by wiping off the furniture.
  • They take out your photos, paintings and similar items and keep them safe in a dry area.
  • Your slightly damaged books can be kept on the shelves to stop the pages from getting warped. The books are later protected using special drying procedures to treat them.
  • While drying, your doors, cabinets, windows and drawers will be kept open to dry out.
  • Depending on the damage, they may remove your home’s permanent flooring while extracting water, too.
  • They remove mildew or mold or stop the growth.


Whenever there is water damage in your home, it is best to take action as soon as you can. This is because water can get absorbed in the structure of your home and cause severe damage to the foundation. The first thing on your mind should be contacting a professional for help.

When a water disaster strikes your home, do not get anxious. Rather, think of smart ways to remove the water as soon as possible. Your home can be restored thanks to water damage restoration specialists. In Minnesota, call Arko Restoration at 763-434-2756 when you need flooded areas properly dried and cleaned!