Arko Restoration can handle home and office remodeling projects. Serving the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota for many years, Arko improves places such that the people who use them are very satisfied.

A main reason people choose to do remodeling is to improve the way they live. This makes sense because most people strive for better lives in several ways. Practically-speaking, remodeling can improve a space to make it more efficient or attractive. If you want to feel more comfortable in your house or office, you usually remodel it more to your liking… this could mean enlarging a room to properly fit the things you want to store there, or adding a sink in the bathroom or kitchen to accommodate additional users.

From bathrooms to kitchens and more, Arko Restoration can design, build and install what YOU want. Take what someone else did, years ago, and improve on it.

Arko Restoration

Maybe it’s time to get rid of old appliances, cabinets, or furniture. Maybe you want to take out a wall? Do you need more space? How about improving energy efficiency, bringing the place “up to par” with new builds? If you’ve got damages that need repairs, why not just start fresh and replace what needs replacing? For those who want to avoid moving/buying another home, remodeling makes sense. Ultimately, good remodeling jobs increase a home’s value. And if it’s commercial space that you want to transform into “something new,” then Arko Restoration can help with that, too.

Arko Restoration offers free estimates. So share your dreams and needs with us, and we’ll come take a look at what you’ve got. Then we’ll tell you what we can do to make your dreams come true… and meet your needs. Arko Restoration can handle both big and small remodeling jobs in Minneapolis-St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

Want a free estimate? Contact us by calling 763-434-2756 and we’ll be happy to help!

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